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Leading and certified suppliers of solar and electric water heaters in the UAE include Royal Allied. We trade solar and electric water heaters all around the United Arab Emirates, and our on-time deliveries have helped us gain customers’ trust. Numerous well-known brands from the UAE and around the world have given UAE distributorship rights for their goods.

Electric Water Heater Suppliers UAE

Ariston Electric Water Heater

Ariston is a leading manufacturer of heating and water heating equipment worldwide. It offers individuals everywhere in the world comfort solutions based on:

Italian Design, Advanced Performance, Lasting Quality

Customers save on maintenance and component replacement expenses as well as experience significant electricity bill savings thanks to the utilization of the best technologies and certified efficiency. Ariston works to provide comfort to every region of the globe by identifying areas where it hasn’t yet fully arrived and developing novel ways to adapt the idea of comfort to people’s daily lives.

A leader in thermal comfort globally, Ariston is a part of the Ariston Thermo Group. One of the most significant brands of the 90-year-old Ariston Thermo Group is Ariston. The Group took on the task of improving the globe while putting an emphasis on the environment in 1930. The Group reaffirms its commitment today by putting energy efficiency at the core of our strategy for sustainable growth. More than 40% of investments are going toward finding and creating solutions that use renewable energy.

Ariston uses the term “heat” to describe both energy and warmth in general, including concern for his clients. Because of this, Ariston goods’ top feature is comfort, which they achieve through technology and thoughtful design.

Ariston views innovation as a means of improving people’s lives. Thanks to cutting-edge designs, Ariston technologies ensure dependable performance over time and cutting-edge safety measures without sacrificing aesthetics. The greatest Ariston suppliers’ products are distributed in the UAE by Royal Allied.

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Ariston Solar Water Heater

We can all enjoy life at home and on the globe when more homes have access to Ariston’s cutting-edge, environmentally friendly comfort solutions that require less energy and work. offers solace to all, even if it seems difficult or impossible to do so.

Why Ariston Solar Water Heater?

Solar water heater benefits:

  • A heat exchanger that has been optimized to produce domestic hot water quickly.
  • With 95% absorption and only 5% reflection, the blue selective surface treatment allows for very high performance.
  • Careful examination of the lines and external contour
  • The rapid installation made possible by the new o-ring connection even eliminates the possibility of damaging the hydraulic connection kit.
  • Specially designed tempered glass with low iron content ensures extremely high protection from hail and from collector loading.


Star Industrial Products LLC is the producer of Zenith Water Heaters. Founded in the UAE in 1996. In the Middle East, it is the first Solar water heater of its kind made with Glass Line Technology. The company has produced and distributed a wide variety of water heating methods in the Middle East, Asian Subcontinent, and Africa.

Domestic Water Heaters

  • Vertical Wall Mount
  • Horizontal Wall Mount
  • 15 & 30 Liters Prismo

Central Water Heaters & Calorifiers

  • 250 – 500 Liters
  • 750 – 10,000 Liters

Solar Water Heaters

  • Thermosyphonic Water Heater
  • Forced Circulation Water Heater

Heat Pump Residential

  • Heat Pump Residential

Heat Pump Commercial

  • Commercial Hot Water Supply

Spare Parts & Accessories

  • Domestic Water Heater
  • Central Water Heater & Calorifiers
  • Solar Water Heater
  • For more details contact us we are the leading electric water heater suppliers in UAE.

Put all doubts to the side if you’re attempting to get a Ariston Solar water heater in Dubai; Royal Allied is the distributor who has been approved and certified. For questions, you can reach us at

Solar Water Heater Supplier in UAE

Royal Allied is a renowned and trusted supplier of solar water heaters in Dubai, UAE. With a strong commitment to providing the best quality products, they have established themselves as a leader in the industry. Their solar water heaters are designed to efficiently harness solar energy, providing reliable and eco-friendly hot water solutions. Royal Allied’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident through its exceptional service and competitive prices. When it comes to solar water heating systems, Royal Allied stands out as the preferred choice in Dubai.

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we offer efficient and cost-effective solar water heating systems that harness the abundant solar energy available in Dubai. We pride ourselves on delivering superior products, exceptional customer service, and contributing to the city’s renewable energy goals. Choose us as your trusted partner in embracing clean and renewable energy solutions for a greener and more sustainable future.

Discover top electric water heater suppliers in UAE. Find reliable brands and a wide range of energy-efficient electric water heaters for your home or business needs. Get quality products and expert service from trusted suppliers in the UAE.

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