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Wash Basin

Integrated Pedestal Basin

Next, we’ll discuss a brand-new variant called the Integrated Pedestal Basin. It’s possible you’ve never heard of it since it hasn’t become popular yet. With this wash basin, you won’t have to decide between a wash basin and a pedestal because it is available in just one model. You might experience installation issues with this product because of its peculiar structure. Integral washbasins that are floor-mounted and wall-mounted have designs that mimic a half-pedestal and a full-pedestal, respectively.

Half Pedestal Basin

Similar to wall-mounted basins in that they conceal plumbing but don’t extend to the floor, half pedestal basins accomplish the same. The ease with which the bathroom may be kept clean is the technique’s main benefit. Naturally, make sure the wall can support the whole weight of the basin before making this choice. If you mount it on a brick wall, there won’t be any issues, but you’ll need to strengthen the wall beforehand if you mount it on a stud wall.

Full Pedestal Basin

Full pedestal sinks that are mounted to the wall are practical for hiding plumbing and piping. The basin is fixed to the wall behind a stand, sometimes known as a pedestal, which is fixed to the floor. Family bathrooms frequently have full pedestal basins, which are available in a range of sizes. Included is a whole pedestal that supports the colored wash basin from underneath. The pedestal supports the wash basin even though it is attached to the wall.

Table Top Basin

This washbasin’s bottom is flat. It can be be applied to any flat surface, such as a shelf, cabinet, or table. This basin needs to be supported by another accessory because it lacks a bolt hole and can’t be mounted on the wall.

Countertop Self Rimming Basin

Bathroom designs that are contemporary or minimalist commonly employ countertop basins. It is generally placed on top of a worktop or shelf, and it is typically used in conjunction with a tall basin tap or basin taps that are installed on the wall. 

Wall Hung Basin

Wall-mounted basins are a great method to save space when remodeling a bathroom. They help to organize your bathroom and offer the appearance of extra space because they don’t touch the floor. 

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