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The top suppliers of sanitary equipment in Dubai, UAE, are Royal Allied. Washbasins, sanitary mixers, and connectors are examples of sanitary equipment that are offered in Dubai and around the UAE and have gained trust through prompt delivery. We have received the trust and approval of several prestigious brands from the UAE and around the world to act as their Dubai distributor.

Sanitary Ware Suppliers In UAE

Wash Basin


With us, you may choose from a variety of wash basin types based on your needs. The leading provider of sanitary goods in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is Royal Allied. The most popular types of wash basins are listed below for your convenience.

Integrated pedestal basin

Our integrated pedestal basins are strengthened by employing a pedestal or shroud that is attached to the bathroom floor to increase the range of stability. This one-piece type is the perfect option if you have a small bathroom or ensuite. It also works well if you decide to add other bathroom fixtures and features. To make your place appear far better than planned, we have a wide variety of collections available.

Half pedestal basin

The washbasin skillfully fuses beauty and use to produce a lovely area. The plumbing system and other related pipe work are hidden by a connection between the half-pedestal basin model and wall that has a half-extended pedestal. This design creates the appearance of spaciousness, which enables you to incorporate many of your bathroom fitting fixtures.

Full pedestal basin

combining smooth clay pieces to create an illusion with aesthetic value. The full pedestal basin is a style of basin that is attached to the wall by an extension, encloses the plumbing system, and has a highly appealing appearance. Aesthetically pleasing and seamless ceramic pieces fused together to provide the impression of height. As the name implies, the full pedestal basin is a basin that is joined to the wall with an extension that hides the plumbing and adds aesthetic appeal.

Table top basin

Tabletop basins, particularly those on the countertop area, are excellent choices for bathrooms with limited space. Countertop basins are ideal for use in bathroom or plank top areas. The tall, clearly accessible basin tap is the focal point of the basin. They are available in a variety of designs and forms.

Countertop self-rimming basin

Self-rimming basins are without a doubt the greatest choice for bathrooms designed in a contemporary style, thanks to their elegant appearance, flawless finishing, and seamless edges. The self-rimming sink’s construction keeps it on the countertop’s upper surface. It is situated in the middle of a countertop surface hole that is well-protected.

Wall hung basin

Everyone typically chooses wall-hung basins because they are affordable, practical, and easy to use or maintain. Additionally, it may be a trendy touch to finish small spaces. Pedestal does not always adhere to this paradigm or always favor touching the ground.

Bathroom Fittings Dubai

You are free to select from the different types of restrooms we have available based on your specific needs. The following lists the standard types of wash basins:

One-Piece Water Closet

This is one of the toilet designs where the tank and bowl are connected, turning the entire toilet into a ceramic one. The size of the water tank, which is often small and without a crack in the middle for easy cleaning, is just one of the specific advantages of these types of toilets. The majority of the time, one-piece toilets have toilet seats, which is never a problem. The main negative must be cost, but it is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Two-Piece Water Closet

This may be one of the most well-known toilet designs that is spreading across the continent. In contrast to one-piece toilets, there is more space for water storage and the bowl and water tank are kept separate. Although there are many different types of toilets with a moderate level of durability, two-piece toilets feature pieces that are comparatively easy to replace and repair. The only and only thing you need to do is be cautious while choosing the brand!

Wall Mounted Water Closet

You got to see a rare and in-demand type of toilet right here. Most of the time, when we refer to a wall-mounted toilet, we are referring to a bowl that is mounted to the wall and stays raised off the ground. The best feature of these toilets is that they appear to be tankless.

Tankless Toilet Water Closet

Hold on a second! How do toilets operate without tanks? These kind of toilets are connected to a pipe, so as water rushes down the bowl, an electric pump is built into the tankless toilet so that the flush is quick and strong. As the bowl needs more water to make the flush clear, toilets in bathrooms in Dubai typically have a longer pipe than other types of toilets. The only benefit of utilizing these kind of toilets is their smaller size and current, updated style. Sometimes the installation is fairly difficult, and if the battery is dead, the toilet won’t flush.

Smart Toilet – An Intelligent Water Closet

These toilets are currently completely fashionable. What is a smart toilet? A unique ceramic toilet with an electrical seat cover has been created. An important part of every smart toilet function is the seat cover. To ensure settings for the parameters and functions, a remote is provided.


Taps & Mixers – Clever Spain

In 1998, Clever Faucet debuts. The production of faucets was a natural progression in the business lines of Standard Hydraulica (valves). STH provides the user with a crucial solution with its new series of faucets. The Standard and Bay faucets were part of Clever’s first series. Today, Clever offers a large selection of taps and bathroom fittings and kitchen accessories with more than 3,000 references. With its gorgeous designs, cutting-edge technology, inventiveness, and eco-efficiency, Clever is a fitted With distinct personality that is well-known globally.

Clever Faucet developed and released its first distinct faucet catalog in 2000, giving it a commanding position among its business lines. Clever releases their first catalog of bathroom faucets, with the Havana line serving as the centerpiece. The Aalberts Industries NV group, which is traded on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, welcomes Standard Hydraulics in 2010.

Aalberts Industries mostly engages in two things: Fluid Control and (products and systems for connection, distribution and regulation of Sanitary water and gas).

The Domestic Fluid Control branch of Aalberts Industries includes Standard Hydraulics.

WC Connectors

What is a WC connector? Between the waste water pipe and the rear of the toilet, there are devices known as WC connectors, or water closet connectors. There are several different WC Connector types; the most important ones are listed below:
  • Straight WC Connector
  • Offset WC Connector
  • Bended WC Connector
  • Flexible WC Connector

Flexibles – Kottmann


Explain flexible pipe. It is nothing more than a material that can be customized and is made up of multiple layers. The main components needed to be leak proof are discovered to be thermoplastic barriers and corrosion-resistant steer wires. It is made possible by the degree of flexibility in the wind that is applied to the spool of pipe, either in a carousel or a reel, to ensure that the installation and transportation processes are efficient and just. Due to these cutting-edge technical factors or phenomena, annular hoses are currently quite popular. Three essential types of pitch can be used to classify stainless flexible hoses (ss flex hose), ensuring their desired benefits like closed (compressed), standard, and wide.

The Kottmann brand – what’s behind it

The sanitary sector is home to the average-sized international company called MHK Systems GmbH. The Kottmann brand’s license rights were obtained by MHK along with the machine park for producing shower hose through Kottmann Technology GmbH in the year 2019. This was created in the year 2017 as an activity of assembly for sanitary products. When the personnel in the sanitary sector are properly chosen, the brand will receive additional and effective support, and this also helps to uphold the Made in Germany quality certification.

Royal Allied is the top supplier of sanitary ware in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, providing all the top brand items mentioned above.

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