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Non-Pressure uPVC Fittings

Soil and waste systems offer an effective technique of waste water and foul discharge drainage in both single-story buildings and multistory buildings. Push-fit joints allow for pipe expansion and have a proprietary, specially designed sealing method. The systems are available in diameters ranging from 32mm to 315mm and are built of light grey uPVC. 

Drainage uPVC Pipes

The typical PVC/concrete pipes are more heavier and more expensive than Drainfit Pipes. The chart below illustrates the many stiffness classes that are available for the pipes. The pipes are available in 3m and 6m lengths. The system is entirely watertight thanks to separate couplers with a special rubber ring design that come in diameters up to 250mm. There is a 315mm solvent weld coupler available.

Drainage uPVC Fittings

Sizes of uPVC drainage pipes and fittings range from 32mm to 1000mm. Our uPVC systems provide with every part required to finish any household or commercial drainage system. The availability of solvent welding and rubber ring (Push Fit) sockets on Cosmoplast drainage pipes and fittings enables project designers, installers, and contractors to meet their requirements.

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